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>> reporter: she was trapped up stairs in her room, the only one that didn't make it out of the early saturday morning fire that ripped through these six treasure island apartments. >> i was praying with her a couple days ago. >> reporter: those who knew her are still in shock. >> kind of scared to go to sleep at night now because of what happened. it's. >> it's been emotional. you know, like it could have been my child. >> reporter: at tonight's vigil just steps from where she died dozens came together. ♪ yes jesus loves me healing through song and prayer. >> every time we gop up against a cross road or tragedy, we can remember that it could have been us. >> our children are supposed to bury us. >> reporter: but that's helen's only wish right now, to lay her daughter to rest. >> she don't get buried, i can't -- >> reporter: and as her closest friends could see her now -- >> i would give her a hug an everything will be all right. >> reporter: many friends and neighbors saying they will
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continue to come here to the memorial every day this week to show the family support. meantime, the red cross has given shelter to the six displaced families, putting them up in oakland hotels. if you want to help with the burial the family asks that you contact a local non-profit catholic charities. >> stephanie, thanks very much. two firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling flames. both are expected to be okay. the cause of faire is under investigation. we have new information on the crash involving a speed boat and the ferry on the bay this weekend. one of the two men on board that steamboat has died from his injuries. the other is still in the hospital. the men were riding on a 22-foot boat that slammed into a golden gate ferry yesterday afternoon. the crash happened in an area known as raccoon strait. it was heading to san francisco at the time. and no one on board the ferry was hurt. coast guard officials told "the chronicle" they plan to release the findings of those
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investigation in the next couple of days. president obama's chief of staff confirmed today the white house has been working on its own immigration reform plan and that has upset many republicans. nbc bay area's kimberly is here with that and what they feel about the president's plan. >> reporter: terry, the immigration plan has been given a fresh jolt by news the obama administration has written up a plan of its own. it's draws criticism from republicans and falling short for those push for reform. immigration reform is one of the very few issues that unites both republicans and democrats. and just as eight senators are finishing up a bipartisan bill "usa today" revealed the white house has been working on a backup plan if current efforts fall apart. >> if those do not work out, then we'll have an option that will be ready to put out there. >> reporter: president obama's chief of staff says the white house proposal will bolster border security and include a palth to citizenship to the nation's 11 million undocumented
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immigrants. some bay area groups fighting for reform say the way to become the citizen under the president's plan is simply too long. >> a year, that is not a solution. far from it. this is for families, for our country. >> reporter: he is with the pico network, a grass roots faith-based organization. we met up with him at our lady of guadeloupe church in san jose. perez' families are being torn apart right now and they don't have time to wait at eight years to become citizens. >> the resolution is quickly for keep these families united. >> reporter: he also says it's a waste to pour more money into border control. the white house staff says the president is hopeful congress will act first on a bill, but if it can't or won't, they are ready to press forward. >> in terms of the senate -- >> reporter: meantime republicans are pushing back. saying any plan with the president's name on it is bound to fail. >> of course it will. and that's why we are working
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together, republicans and democrats. by the way, he's had no communications with republicans on the issue, unlike the previous four presidents that i've dealt with. >> when they come out and adamantly say my way or the highway and in congress doesn't ask i'll put it on the desk and say pass it now, that's no way to get it down. >> the group of eight senators working on that bipartisan bill expect to unveil it in march but it may not be brought up for a vote until this summer. kimberly terry, nbc, bay area news. 50,000 people attended the pope's mass at the vatican today. that's twice as many as sunday. this is one of the last opportunities to speak at st. peter's square before he retires in ten days. shockwaves through the catholic clurch. the last time a pope resigned was nearly 600 years ago in 1415. on march 1st the day after the pope steps down the cardinals will begin electing a new pope.
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there is world they would have a new pope in place which is saturday or sunday. here in the bay area, many opinions on what type of person should be in the next pope. it's typical that also be a cardinal in the church. but everyone we spoke to wants the next pope to be someone more progressive than benedict. >> i think that it's good he decided to resign if he feels like hs aging enough that he can't be in control of the p church and divisions and put someone in significantly younger and have more of a heartbeat of the younger generation and what might matter to them move forward. >> among the candidates, one from the philippines recently said the church should listen more and admit its mistakes. it's unlikely the new pope will be from the united states. beautiful day for a trip to the beach. it's still february. this is what it's going to look like tomorrow. it's not going to look this way in the early part of the workweek. meteorologist is tracking a
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major change coming up in the forecast. >> i don't think it's going to include many beach days. forecast today, cooler than saturday's 70-degree high temperatures. santa cruz, a lot of sunshine. 57 in fremont. here is what lies ahead in the forecast. cold trough of low pressure dropping in on us. right around this time tomorrow night. clouds are filling in. we'll see rain and we'll see wind. that's something we typically see of winter storms. look at the snow levels. two to 3,000 feet and thunder. all of this rolling in as we approach tuesday. just patchy fog. the temperatures the next couple of afternoons will be running much cooler and beautiful weekend that we saw with the highs in the 60s and 70s. coming up, we'll walk you through the timing of our incoming chilly storm system coming up in the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> all right, thanks very much, rob. thousands of people rallied in san francisco today urging action on global warming.
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about 5,000 people from across the bay area in northern california came together at the state department building near the foot of market street. the event was designed to coordinate with rallies across the country including one in washington, d.c. organizers say it's important to put a face on the movement and push the white house to act now. >> i think they've been stymie with a do nothing congress and a house of representatives that just won't face facts. and -- but the administration and the president wants to do the right thing. when he looks at his daughters over the dinner tooem table at night, he wants to make a world that is safe for them and their children. >> according to the organizers the two main goals of today's demonstrations influence the president to identify climate change as a righty and to reject the proposed keystone tar sands pipeline connecting canada with the gulf coast. two well-known california politicians each with strong bay area pies were on "meet the
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press" tonight. lieutenant governor gavin knew some and former gop candidates of the senate squared off on the round-table part of the program. the two traded accusations on everything from the economy and immigration reform to the dysfunction in washington. >> it's time for us to lean in again and hold these guys up to higher level of expectation. you want to move a mouse, you've got to move the cheese. we've got to change incentives in this country. >> i find it stunning, truly, that this president and the democratic party continues to lay all the blame for their failure to achieve anything at the feet of the tea party or ted cruise or whatever the latest villain is. >> currently raisie ining funds his re-election next year for lieutenant governor. next at 11:00, a burglary suspect, what he left behind that led police right to him. a bay area neighborhood on edge after two violent attacks.
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you might be surprised to hear what police are saying about a motive. gas prices make a big jump. while oil analysts fear the worst is yet to come. it's really sad because it's like the only men's tournament around. >> game, set, match. why the tennis tournament known as the s&p open is going away here inin the bay area.
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san francisco police are looking for a man they say beat up two women in separate attacks in the mission district. the latest attack was two weeks ago. it happened at 1:00 in the morning on bartlett. and this is a sketch police released of the man police say a woman was walking down the street but when she walked by the man he punched her several times. she shielded her face with her hands before he ran off. then two weeks before that, a woman was beaten to the ground again after just walking past the man in the sketch. he slammed her head into the pavement as well. people we talked to say they're surprise bid these attacks. >> like the tender line and downtown is different but in
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areas like this or the mission, i live in hayes valley so it's quieter. but there's still always people out so you don't think that could happen. >> others say they were scared that they hadn't heard about it and plan to be more aware in the area. they do not believe the motive of attack was either sexual or burglary. burglary suspect in santa cruz wasn't to too hard befind after he left behind an important clue. police go to invest gate and they find several items believed to be left behind by the burglar including a camera. officer recognized the man in one of the photos on that camera as richard stipe. police say he has confessed and is now under arrest. bay area tennis tradition is ending 125-year run here. >> the s&p open will wrap up today and will be no longer held here in the bay area. we'll explain why it's leaving and have reaction from fans as
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well. >> i'm very sad. >> this finals match between milo and tommy haas ends what has been a 125-year tradition in the bay area. >> it's really sad because it's like the only men's tournament around that's not far away and costs so much. >> reporter: the s&p tournament will be move to memphis, tennessee, next year with where the facilities can accommodate the recent change in tennis it. >> had to come to the end in san jose. we were the last single court tournament in the atp calendar. >> reporter: there are more tennis players playing doubles than ever before and the hp pavilion only accommodates a single court. there isn't enough space here for players to get the court time they want. >> i will definitely miss it. i have overseen it for my company. i play. i like it. my family plays. and this week has been, you know, nothing but great matches and our staff is phenomenal. so i'll miss it for them and i'll miss it with them. >> i played five years ago and
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no more. >> reporter: jan williams has been a volunteer for the tournament for more than 20 years. she says she isn't sure what she's going to do next. right now she's just focused on saying good-bye to old friends. >> like a family camp. you come back every year and you go see same people and you catch up on what's going on in their lives. and see you next year. and now it's no more. >> reporter: kimberly terry, nbc, bay area news. well, the price of gas has been steadily rising for the past month. the national average is $3.67 for a gallon of regular but of course here in the bay area prices are a whole lot higher. in san francisco gas on average is $4.12 for a gallon of regular. that's up 45 cents in just a month. and in oakland, it's $4.05. in san jose, $4.07. both up 48 cents in one month. january and february are unusual months to see prices rise. typically prices jump anywhere from 40 to 60 cents a fallon from late march through early may. some analysts say it's very
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possible now the prices might not go down before they hit that next rise. it happened 1 years since the warriors have had an all-star but tonight that changed. >> it did. nbc bay area's lauren scott brings us the latest from the nba all-star game in houston. >> thank you so much. a really fun weekend here in houston comes to a close where the warriors giving their first all-star since 1997 and david lee helped the west defeat. >> had a great time. west got a victory tonight. got in, got to play a couple of minutes. got a few buckets with good defense. and thought i contributed a little bit in the second half to us getting the lead. >> what's your take away? >> biggest thing is getting to interact with the guys and being part of such a special weekend overall and representing the warriors and we haven't had a all-star since ' 7 and it was great to represent all my teammates. i'm exciting for that. >> all told this week weekend,
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four warriors taking part this weekend from the three-point shootout to the rising stars challenge to's all-star game. hopefully a sign of great things to come. here in houston at the all-star game, send it back to you in studio. >> do you remember the last all-star the warriors had? >> uh-uh. you? >> i believe it was freewell. >> you just looked that up. >> i did not look it up. >> that's impressive. >> okay. rob is impressive and an all-star, too. >> maybe nor yesterday's weather. 70s is pretty nice. tuesday, a lot of folks will not be happy to see me. we do need rain and snow though. it's been a while. it's been a dry start to the 2013. right now no rain outside. we've got 40s and 50s currently. 39 degrees in nevada. the winds onshore right now. so that means we should see some patchy low clouds moving inland overnight. we could see some locally thick fog, too. especially in the inland valleys. watch out for that for your morning commute. show you the rainfall totals
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today in december. 100% of average. now more or less of a month and a half of dry weather. we're 85% or so of average around the bay area right now. the snow pack has really come down. these number down 55% of average statewide as of today. still ahead of last year which is one of the driest years we've seen ever, that was last year where the snow pack was slow. right now, 55% of average. getting a boost now come tuesday as the system here which has been dropping out of the gulf of alaska today, makes the move to the southeast. tonight with more clouds and eventually tuesday. much cooler temperatures. rain, wind, and maybe some mountain top snow. here's the evolution of our pattern change tomorrow. ing looking at some clouds. towards tomorrow evening though, don't be surprised to see a stray shower or two as the atmosphere starts to moisten up. that should wring out maybe a couple of showers as early as tomorrow morning. the main event will be tuesday morning. this is your tuesday morning
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commute. you can see the cold front raising around the south bay around 11:00 in the morning. that will be your most consistent heavy burst of rain. during the afternoon, scattered showers and as the cooler air comes in the moisture is going to back off a bit. but as the cooler air arrives we could see snow maybe down close to 3,000 feet or slightly lower. during the day there on tuesday. that system quickly moves into southern california. wednesday now looks dry. thursday will be the next chance of showers but that now looks mainly to the north bay. rain totals, quarter inch. for tuesday in the sierra, should be approaching a foot of snow with this system and the ones to follow thursday into friday. again, saturday should toss a little more snow in the high country as we wrap up the week. tomorrow's temperatures, down. mid to up paul ryan 50s for highs. areas of low clouds for the morning and high clouds in the afternoon. close to 60 in pleasanton. could see highs in mid 50s and up towards santa rose a, 57
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degrees. you can see how cool tuesday will be. main event for our weather. highs near 50s inland and inner bay. wednesday we should catch a break. showers shutting down. thursday and friday, i think most of those showers will be around sonoma county heading out to the sierra. saturday, perhaps that system coming in will bring another chaps of showers to the areas north of the golden gate. but the good news for our rainy pattern, the it is moving south so more opportunities every two or three days to see more rain and higher elevations. >> i just want to do a little fact check on the whole thing. >> reality check. >> you were right. but do you know who was before that? >> i don't. >> do you know? >> chris. >> three years. nice, 20 points for you approximately chris mull lens and jim hardaway. >> this is your department. >> she's chiming in on it. >> he's trying to stunt me. rob came back, it was great. >> you guys are doing great.
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diane? >> yes. >> you wanted cal, i got you some cal basketball. >> it got a little crazy. >> haven't heard? coach pushed a player out there. i want to make sure i got plenty of video of your cal bears. also, houston is home to the fba all-stars as we mentioned a few minutes ago. find out how david lee did on the court as he represented the dub. sports is next. you can't move the tv there.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. well, it's about time. the warriors haven't had a all-star since 1970. lee represented the warriors in the all-star game in houston. let's go out to the lone star state, nba all-star festivities. lee looking cool, calm, and collected. a little bit of action right here. david lee for the easy bucket. he had six points in 13 minutes. second quarter, chris paul, how about a nice dunk as he passes it. chandler right there.
11:24 pm
end of the half, dwyane wade and the guys were looking pretty sharp. and there's david lee with another two-handed flush. however, it was the outside shooting. by the west that kept those guys on their toes all night. chris paul taking him to the hoop. it goes on to be named the nba all-stars most valuable player. he had 20 points and 15 assists. moving on to baseball. even when you're well passed your prime it's difficult to walk away from the game at times and today a former giants slugger was helping out its former club in spring training. >> reporter: jeff kent spent six years with the giants as a player, winning the mv pks, edging out barry bonds this year. for the past two springs he's been a springs training instructor for the giants and game three has officially begun. the most enjoyment he guess out of the job is seeing those young players progress.
11:25 pm
>> they did an outstanding job last year. making some adjustments. that's what i like to see. i like to see the player come in with raw talent, the skills. but then you need to marinate those skills. you need to make some changes a little bit and you watch a player, you know, going in a good young kid to more of a solid guy that you can count on, a guy that you can know that can compete every day because of his mental makeup because he's able to handle adverse i have mentally. you watch him physically change to. those are neat things to see. >> whun other thank that we asked ken about was his appearance on the reality show "survivor." he didn't win. he got kicked off. he said, i would not get my butt kicked off. if he could go back and do it again, it would be put throat. >> thank you, amid. over to the as. may be the team's best player but today he made it clear that
11:26 pm
he doesn't want to be the team's designated hitter. part of a crowded outfield that feature s cocoa crisp. bob melvin, the manager, couldn't be happier. >> he's taken that at lewd and i love that. we want all the guys to want to play and be out there. yesterday was the first time we did 122 games. to try to combat, you know, he plays awfully hard. it's not like he goes out there and paces himself. if i can rest him on a particular day and not have to give him a full day off, dh is probably the best option for that. how about some college hoops before we get out of here. usc and cal. cal down 12. mike montgomery not happy. he asked the whole crowd back. crab cools off. he said, look, it's all right.
11:27 pm
they're still down seven. left with five to go. cut the league to know, crab again from three-point range. just makes the guy up sed and he comes to dlircht. 76-68 is your final. as they say, there's a lot of fight in those cal bears. that will do it for tonight. terry, diane, you wanted more cal. >> i did. >> act right, though. you're slowing cal graduate. >> i'm proud of those bears but you don't -- not used to seeing that on the basketball court at cal. i'll have to talk to mri montgomery a it. >> everything is fine. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> mixed in with that. >> there you go. she did something today that's never been done before. how danica patrick raised into the history books. this the latest on the murder investigation.
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this year will mark the 50th vickry of thes as is nation of president john f. kennedy. today there was high interest in an auction house in moose mass where thousands of kennedy items were auctioned off. a large collection of photographs and items all belonged to dave powers, kennedy's personal assistant and cloe close friend. some of the more notable items were rare pictures of the first couple, seal, air force one bomber jacket and his schedule from the day he was assassina d assassinated. >> amazing amount of people. it's blogging down the auction site. >> i'm mt. medical field and some of the tests that i read about in this letter is some of the things i do on a daily basis. >> the family discovered the collection last year when they were preparing to sell his home. history is made in nascar
11:31 pm
today as patrick became the first woman to qualify in the top spot. patrick earned the pole position for the daytona 500. it is the biggest achievement of her career. the 30-year-old woman raised the speedway posting a lap or about 196 miles an hour. only four-time champion jeff gordon came close to knocking her off and no woman had ever qualified higher than ninth. patrick looks to become the first woman to win a nascar race when the daytona 500 takes place a week from today. the pace wasn't quite as fast but the excitement was still there for thousands of runners in today's chinese new year's run in san francisco. >> it was a 35th year the event was held. 5k and 10k race took runners through the city, including chinatown, north beach and downtown. it benefits more than 1200 kids and families from chinatown and surrounding area. the race ended with post-event awards and activities for the entire fam linchts coming up next, local group proving you're
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never too old to defense yourself. introduced you to the martial art and the people using it to make us bay area proud. plus, an eye opening study. the vitamin that could reduce a child's risk of autism when taken at a certain time. and the massive show in rome today for the out going pope.
11:33 pm
dens of thousands of people crowded st. peter's square on this sunday for one of pope benedict's final public appearances. >> the pope will step down 11 days from now setting in motion the search for a new leader and maybe a new direction for the
11:34 pm
catholic church. nbc's anne thompson is at the vatican with more. >> reporter: for more than 50,000 people this was the only place to be. ♪ a global village of the faithful and curious in st. peter's square to say thank you and good-bye. >> i definitely wanted to come and witness it. >> reporter: 20-year-old thad from georgia has a flag. in six different languages benedict addressed the crowd. >> thank you. >> reporter: in german he spoke of his difficult days. in spanish, he asked for prayers for himself and the future pope. benedict's retirement creates a situation not seen in the church in centuries. two living popes. john stavos who covered the
11:35 pm
vatican for six years says benedict is not a meddler. >> he will probably ensure that whatever he does he does not upstage the next pope. >> reporter: while he's a holy man, critics say benedict's executive skills fell woefully short. >> there's a need for someone who has managerial skills in terms of running the ship of state. neither john paul ii nor benedict were managers by nature. >> reporter: benedict's failures made public in documents leaked by his butler last year, laying out the betrayals and infighting of the vatican bureaucracy. obscuring the 30pope's message. how much of that can be blamed on the curia. >> i think most of i, quite frankly. >> reporter: george weigel says that leaves the next pope with a crucial task. >> he has to find someone who can clean house and who can make
11:36 pm
the curia an instrument of what we call the new evangelization, not an pediment tool. >> one of the those with a vote for pope is cardinal roger mahony. former archbishop of los angeles and scheduled this week as part of a sexual abuse lawsuit. he's facing a deposition about the ax cue sayses to protect accused priests and to protect the church. beare moved as archbishop in l.a. he still remains a card until in the church and that qualifies him to cast a vote. critics are calling on mahony to recuse himself of voting. the man who became known around the world is the blade runner during the olympics has put his running career on old while facing murder charges. oscar pistorius is accuse of shooting his girl. his agent says he was canceling
11:37 pm
all the runner's races saying his client will defend himself against the charges. >> other people from many point of fight and also as a friend, it's a tragic circumstances an event that unfolded and we can only give oscar our support at this point in time. >> the story is as claimed, he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder and shot her four times. troubled country single mindy mccready has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. she was found near her home in little rock, arkansas. she had a series of big hits including "guys do it all the time." personal problems plagued her starting in 2004. serve stent in rehab, custody battles over her two young children. the man who slapped the to theler on a plain is facing
11:38 pm
federals a sumt charges. they were stuck next to 60-year-old joe hunly. she says he was rude and wreaked of alcohol. her lawyer says his client will plead not guilty tos a saw charges. we heard tonight they are lost their job over the incident. they say he nonger works there. if i don't know evicted he could spend up to a year in jail. folic acid before getting pregnant can make a significant impa impact. nbc has more. >> ob/gyn who counsels women on how to have a healthy pregnancy. she's also pregnant and knows a nutritious indict it plus supposed supplements. concern starts even before the pregnancy. >> of women's health before he
11:39 pm
becomes pregnant definitely will influence the way her peg nancy will possess. >> while it was well-known that folic acid can reduce the chance in birth defects. before getting pregnant, may also reduce the risk of having a child with autism. the researcher s followed the development of 85,000 children born in norway between 2002 and 2008 and tracked their progress until last year. they found that mothers who started taking folic acid supplements one month before getting pregnant and continued for two months into the pregnancy had a 40% reduced chance of have been a baby that later developed autism. >> to lick acid helps to make sure the brain el ises agreed a the rate that they should be growing. >> reporter: how much of the supplements does it take? experts advise that all women who think they may become
11:40 pm
pregnant may take it yoont you'lly. one of the most important part of the effort to have healthy job possible. still to come. we're going to check back innd track a major change in the forecast. they have canes and very able. special program to help seniors gain some confidence.
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bay area proud series is all about what's good in our world, so here's good news. the violent crime rate in the united states is dropping dramatically. down 65% over the past 20 years. >> there are many people who feel their communities are becoming more dangerous, that includes seniors. nbc bay area shows us one group of seen yours trying to change that. >> reporter: it is a contradiction anyone who has trained in the martial arts has come to know. the better you are at self-defense, the less likely you are to need it. there is a confidence that comes with mastery. one that projects the message, don't mess with me. >> let's try it from the poster position. >> reporter: which is tarierrif advice if you ever come across one of these folks. senior citizens skilled in the
11:44 pm
art. this gathering this past saturday in danville included a number of instructors from the east bay. >> i tell them to stop where you are. >> reporter: like bob worthington. bob's been involved in martial arts in one way or the other for 50 of his 78 years. he learned from a master a few years ago and he says he wants to spend whatever years he has left teaching as many other seniors as he can. >> how do you care you yourself? >> hey, this? >> the concept is simple. teemping seniors how to turn a cane, often a sign of weks into something very much the opposite. >> we have discovered that this is a very awesome defensive tool. not a weapon, it's a tool. >> those who teach it they it transforms lives. >> it gives you that extra confident that you can go
11:45 pm
anywhere, be with anybody and feel relatively safe. there you go. much better. freedom and sberps. given to them buy a simple wooden stick. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> a look at the forecast. forecast right now we're just patching fog coming by this time around night. outside right now, mostly 40s. wints on cher with the cooling overnight. we'll set us up for pochy low wouds and sobl. two wise neys in the weekend. allowing this cold system to drop the rain, wind, and, yes, snow levels as low as the bay area higher peaks by tuesday afternoon. the snow levels will dip down to 3,000 feet. possibly as low as 2,000 feet by the time we get into tuesday
11:46 pm
night and isolated thunder a possibility. if the cold air coming in on top of the relatively wampler waters here. just offshore. that's going to set the stage for a chance of some small hail and thunder. that's a possibility for tuesday afternoon. rain at times. all of this, this wintry blast coming in for tuesday, and even though the showers are going to shut gown for the most part temperatures are going to stay cool. mainly in the 50s. monday through tuesday. for monday, you can see we will have a few sprinkles out there. one of the reasons why tomorrow's temperatures will be running cooler and tuesday through the morning, san jose by 11:00 in the morning and then as we head into the afternoon, the cooler air arrives. starting to see a few snow showers around mt. hamilton. by wednesday morning that system clears out quickly. the main commute will tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon compute and wednesday, cool and blustery day as the showers move through southern california. rain totals are relatively
11:47 pm
modest. it's moving through quickly. don't expect a whole lot of rain out of it but it will bring enough moisture to drop a foot of snow in sierra. so you can see by the morning 40s mostly as we head toward lunchtime. mid 50s tomorrow. so that's another drop of five to eight degrees from today's high temperatures. and they're going to drop even more on tuesday. clearly, tuesday will be the most active day of area around the week. wednesday, things start to shut down and dry out. there's going dob breezy and shilly though for the par knot bay. maybe a better chance of bay area showers to kickoff this week and sunday, start the pattern seeing a system come in every two to three days. thanks very much, rob. >> coming up next, a box full-memories decades old. how the hunt to return a
11:48 pm
purple heart brought a california woman closer to her family whom she never had a chance to meet.
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hundreds of people gathered in san francisco today for an annual day of remembrance. it commemorates the signing of executive order that returned thousands of japanese-americans during world war ii. their families were there to honor those who fought the injustice of the internment. >> the day of remembrance is very special to me because it marks, i think, the act of a great nation. a great nation, i think, recognizes when it has fallen short of its ideals. that's what the united states did. >> survivors of the camps and their family were provided compensation under the several liberties act of 1988. a california woman is learning more about her father who died in world war ii before she was born all thanks to a
11:51 pm
stranger who stumbled across an old box. the box found in a west hollywood apartment building had letters, a purple heart, and silver star inside. reporter from our nbc station in los angeles was there as the items were returned. >> all kinds of letters. >> reporter: she knew so little of her father which is why what's in her hands now are so overwhelming. mementos that belonged to her, letters of condolence when her father died just two months before she was born. >> when i was really young i didn't always believe that i had a father. we were just a myth call thiicao me. i was so shocked. shocked. >> lieutenant marco was killed in italy during the last days of world war ii. her mother didn't speak much about him when she was growing up which made it that much more
11:52 pm
shocking in an apartment building in west hollywood are her mother lived. >> i see all of these letters and a purple heart staring me in the face. >> reporter: that purple heart found its way to purple hearts reunited. along with several other metals, they presented it today another surprise, a silver star. the military's third highest honor which no one knew her father bb awarded by bravery. >> they were ambushed, they charged the machine gun, fortunately he was wounded and it cost hill him his life. >> i'm proud of him. he served our country brafly. died honorably. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of purple hearts still need to be tlak tracked by this one has gotten to its potter loan. in the hands of a western who had more than she ever hoped
11:53 pm
for. well, it was an event years in the making for some people. but it was well worth the wait. >> today people lined up at w salon on santana's road. the organization helps hundreds of children each year or suffering from medically related air krofs. there was at least ten inches long. it was a perfect time for the mother/daughter day at the salon. >> i lost my mother to breast cancer and my mother-in-law for dress canner. >> organizers say they had a huge doen nut. everyone who didn't receive that, what did it fee sure? >> qult rapunzel." when we come back, we will sbro use you to feature tings of the jungle. use you to feature tings of the jungle. omtrp use you to feature of the jungle.
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look at these four adorable lion cubs. they made their public debut in the woodland park zoo there weekend. they spent most of their first extended time outside exploring the enclosure and playing around a little bit. two male and two female are about 26 pounds each already. fully grown these lions can get up to 400 pounds. the zoo will hold a naming contest for two of the cubs and the other two will be given names by the zoo. >> a lot love people probably missed what you said saying ooh, aah, aren't they cute? >> they are adorable. >> one last check of weather. >> 50s for highs tomorrow and then rain. tomorrow night, starting to fill in tuesday. winter is officially here. >> there you go. >> thanks for watching "nbc 7 news at 11:00."
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
>> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can do for you -- >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you! >> our time for change has come! chris: walking on air. barack obama this week came before america as the most popular kid in class. but he hasn't wooed everyonement republicans seem bent on jamming him on all fronts and off to a quick start. stalling the president's pentagon choice. who's got it about america, him or them? back on march. market on a tear, way up at
11:59 pm
14,000. but that schedule add cross-the-board spending cut that seems unthinkable is now assumed. seriously, are we looking at first of march calamity? finally, guns and race. half of white men in america own guns. do you believe it? barack obama lost two-thirds of white men who didn't go to college, first wipeout since walter mondale lost 49 states to 1. can the president ever crack through that? hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today presidential historian michael beschloss. cook political report amy walter. "the washington post's" henderson and "the new york times"'s david henderhard. have the republicans turn turned up the heat on barack obama now even before he won re-election? we saw in there temporary the defeat of chuck hagel's nomination, leaving the president without a pentagon secretary and there seems to be more where that came from. we decide to look at how this past tuesday, state of the union day played out starting with

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